Teams from both companies including James Dundas, Gary Osborne and Jarl James collaborated closely on the specification of the truck.  Gary Osborne who is the Group Category Manager for Nationwide Platforms said ‘The decision to use Sterling GP followed extensive research and procurement processes, to ensure we achieved best value in what is clearly a significant and high profile decision for the group following the decision to bring the transport back in house earlier this year.’

Fitted to DAF CF400 8×2 32 tonne rigid chassis supplied by Lancashire DAF, the highly-specified delivery vehicles have been designed for the efficient transportation of the company’s wide range of scissor lifts, boom lifts and low level access platforms. Furthermore, with safety being imperative, Nationwide Platforms have taken advantage of the composite ‘Gridlock’ non-slip decking introduced to the industry by Sterling several years ago.  The specification also includes a swing out handrail system with aluminium walkway panels to give drivers safe access to the deck when loading. James Dundas commented about these systems such as Gridlock decking and safety walkway systems ‘we are always looking to see what we can do to increase safety across all aspects of our business.’

The trucks feature deck lights, numerous LED beacons and work lights to promote maximum visibility and safety of the surrounding area around the truck and the load bay, allowing for loading safely at night.

James Dundas, Nationwide Platforms UK Transport and Property Manager, said: “We’re really pleased with the outcome and look forward to receiving the first trucks into our fleet later this year. Sterling is the market leader for supplying access platform transportation, and are also leaders in innovation.”  He also commented that ‘the design that we have collaboratively put in place with Sterling, will certainly see us continue as leaders and innovators in our own field.’

Gary Osborne, Group Category Manager for Nationwide Platforms, added: ‘The main deciding factors to use Sterling GP focused on safety, innovation and reliability.’

Sterling recently relocated to a new 26,000sqft manufacturing plant in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. This has provided a huge increase in available capacity, and helped to ensure Sterling can sustainably maintain its position as the UK’s largest supplier of plant bodies. Utilising the increased capacity, Nationwide will take final delivery of its order by March 2017.

Jarl James, Sales Manager at Sterling, commented: “We really value the ongoing relationship we have with Nationwide Platforms and are extremely pleased to win this contract, which is the largest we have received this year and indeed the largest in the plant body market. The Sterling ‘Access Specification’ Body has evolved over many years through client feedback from working together with key partners in the access industry, including Nationwide Platforms. The increased investment in Sterling demonstrates the success of this ongoing commitment to continual improvement. We look forward to continuing the relationship with James Dundas and the team going forward.”