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14-16 Tonne

With the weight of truck chassis continuing to increase within the industry due to new legislation and other developments, as well as the plant and access equipment itself, demand for beavertail trucks of between 14 and 16T capacity has steadily risen.

This beavertail plant body allows for much greater carrying capacity whilst maintaining the manoeuvrability of small trucks, as new 7.5T chassis will often not achieve sufficient payload. 

It also comes with straight ramps, giving a very low loading angle due to its lower chassis height. It also retains the small external dimensions of the smaller 7.5T beavertail truck, making it ideal for inner city deliveries, which is a popular usage of this truck configuration.

As trucks are getting heavier, more and more clients choose this particular range, giving them up to double the payload for little extra purchase and running costs.  The most common deck length for this size of truck is around 6 metres.


Engineered to tackle the heaviest loads in the roughest conditions, by utilising FEA Analysis and 25 years of experience


The beavertail geometry allows you to carry the widest possible range of machine configurations


Galvanised components provide greater protection against corrosion, giving your plant body maximum durability

Why Sterling?

On time, every time

Partnerships are all about communication and honesty. That’s why we pride ourselves on accurate, fast and flexible lead times; making sure your product is built to schedule and delivered on time, every time.

Innovation meets excellence

From extensive use of galvanising to the widest range of fall arrest systems on the market, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It’s this commitment to the higher standard that sets us apart and guarantees our products are efficient, effective and built to last.

Going the extra mile

If it matters to you, it matters to us. We don’t just take care of customers during build and delivery, we go the extra mile to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with your product and its performance throughout its working life.
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Having visited the Sterling factory I was extremely impressed in the superior quality of the product and it’s clear that they have produced a design with the user in mind and have eradicated a number of issues seen in competitive products.

Adrian Hutchinson, Clements

Managing Director

During the development and build of the trailers, the team at Sterling clearly understood our requirements and needs to produce a trailer that was ‘fit for purpose’, and not an adapted ‘off the shelf’ unit.

Steven Gerrard, Lifterz

Operation Manager

All trucks were delivered to the highest Euro-6 specification with a double cab, driving plus package and living package. Feedback from the drivers is off the Richter scale! These new vehicles maintain the highest standards of Murphy Plant logistics, enabling the delivery of our civil and rail plant fleet, movement of accommodation, and practically any other site movements that Murphy requires.

Mike Carpenter, Murphy Plant

Managing Director

Sterling gave us a date the truck would arrive and to their word it arrived on that day.  Full handover was done by Sterling & DAF, the truck was bang on the spec we wanted and we’re very pleased with what we received!”

Andy Bradberry, Upward Powered Access

Company Manager

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