We have extensive experience of the type of truck that the forklift sector requires. We know that they’re essential in transporting expensive equipment, as well as goods to locations around the UK. Using a Sterling plant body will remove any risk, potential damage and instability that may occur during this difficult process.

Typically, forklifts have a very high point loading and sometimes struggle with steep gradients and slippery surfaces. As a result, forklifts require specific vehicles in order to safely load for transportation. And this is where we can help.

The strength of body that we manufacture is ideal for your vehicles, as well as a high point loading; crucial to safe loading of these machines. With this, we can completely eradicate any concern you may have for safety, as our trademark fibreglass gridlock decking and steel grating provides the ultimate solution for this problem. 

Another important feature on all of our plant bodies is the low gradient that we provide on our Beavertail slopes. With the lower approach angle and the upper break-over departure angles that our plant bodies possess, we understand that these are just as imperative as the main slope angle itself. 

We work with companies such as Acton Supplies, PJ Forktrucks, B&S Fork Lifts and more.