Managing accounts on a day to day basis, Lois is crucial to keeping our finances in check, organised and running smoothly. She also works closely with the purchasing, operations and sales team to ensure customers and suppliers experience a first class service.


Q.  You have worked with Sterling for nearly a year now, tell us what you have enjoyed the most.

A. The enthusiastic team spirit – each employee is trusted and made to feel that their part in delivering the higher standard is valued.


Q. In the finance department, how do you look to improve the customer experience.

A.  We make sure that our department is highly organised and in control, this way we make sure that all our customers and suppliers get served in a timely manner.  Keeping a good relationship with our suppliers is key to our factory runs smoothly, getting our product to the customer on time.


Q. Sterling has recently been implementing a new system to improve our processes, how has this affected the finance department?

A. The new system has really streamlined the whole accounts process.  Rather than using several different systems and unnecessary paperwork, the new system is helping to drive efficiency and provide more meaningful financial reports.


Q. Finally, tell us one random fact about yourself.

A. My favourite shop is TK Maxx, nearly everything I buy is from there!


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Posted on: 01 - 02 - 2018

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