Ground support systems company, Pro Mech’s incredible new MAN TGS with Sterling body and Fassi F245 crane was supplied through the MAN Trucks To Go (TTG) scheme.

Pro Mech decided to sponsor the 2015 CMPE annual meeting, and the fabulous images show the truck at the event outside Southampton’s Grand Harbour Hotel.

Matthew England of Pro Mech commented, ‘our beavertail was there for three days and created a real stir.  A lot people commented on it which was great.’

Working closely with Sterling, MAN’s TTG scheme significantly reduces lead times for customers and Aaron Tamplin of MAN said, ‘by building trucks with bodies in advance dramatically reduces the waiting time.  A vehicle like this would normally take maybe up to six months to build and the customer has only had to wait two months, which is great.’

Posted on: 12 - 08 - 2016

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