Cornwall based Steve Hoskin Construction returns to Sterling for 2 more Plant Bodies

The hardest part about this Covid-19 lockdown for the Sterling sales team is that they can no longer get “out and about” seeing customers, prospects and their trucks.  We miss it that contact, and we are looking forward to getting back out and speaking to you all again…

Yet in these tough times, the little gestures and points of contact mean more.  One of our Area Sales Managers, Kelvin Carruth got sent these pictures through earlier this week, by a couple of very happy drivers from Steve Hoskin Construction.  Thanks Norm and Mark, you cheered his day up, we hope your new trucks serve you well!  SHC from Liskeard in Cornwall, have been a customer of Sterling’s for over 5 years now and we would like to thank Steve for his loyalty and hope that he and his family are safe in these times of uncertainty.

Got a Sterling Body yourself and got some great snaps of it?  We would love to see them!  Send them through to

Posted on: 29 - 04 - 2020

Posted By
Jarl James
Sales & Marketing Director